Celebrate Mothers: Hearts & Flowers Mother’s Day Card Tutorial

Hearts & Flowers Mother's Day Card-This quick and easy tutorial from Nibbles & Needles shows you how to use your scraps of leftover paper to transform a blank white card to a card perfect for celebrating your mother

Whenever I have a note to write I usually make a card. Mother’s Day was no different. I browsed Pinterest searching for Mother’s Day cards. I came across this card from Creative Cake-Tea and decided to make my own. Since the blogger didn’t give many specifics I figured I could share how I did it with you in case you want to make this card as well. Now I know that I’m late on posting this. I left making the card to the last minute (Saturday night) so this blog post was not near ready in time. However you could use this card for any occasion by changing the message on the tag or you  can also file the idea away for next year. Either way hopefully this is helpful for those of you who (like me) try and write every note on a handmade card.All the Materials Needed to make a Heart 'n Flower Bouquet Card What You’ll Need:

  • Blank White Card and Envelope-Mine was 4″ x 5.5″ (you’ll need to adjust the size of everything so it still looks proportional if you use a significantly larger card)
  • White Card-stock or White Textured Paper (I used a textured white paper that I had in my scraps instead of white card-stock)
  • Scraps of Assorted Colored Paper (You’ll need green, whatever colors you want to use for your flowers, and whatever color you want to use for the tag.)
  • 2 .5″ piece of ribbon (I used a 1/4″ sheer ivory ribbon.)
  • Heart Punch-Mine was 1/2″ from point to point
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissors
  • 1- Hole Punch Tool
  • Double-Stick Tape or Glue
  • Pencil
  • Colored Pencil (for writing “Happy Mother’s Day” on the tag)
  • Ruler

How to Make It:

  1. Make your tag. Cut out a 2″ x 1.25″ piece of colored paper. On the wrong side of the paper use your pencil and ruler to mark 3/8″ from each edge on one end just as shown in the picture below. Now cut diagonally from point to point. Using your 1-hole punch, punch a hole in the tag like shown below. Out of the white card-stock or textured paper cut a 1 3/8″ x 1 1/8″ piece of paper. Write “Happy Mother’s Day” on it using your colored pencil. Tape/Glue this to the colored tag. Thread your ribbon through the hole in the tag and tie a knot (a single knot works, just pull it tight). Make sure that the ribbon ends are relatively even on both sides.Construct the Tag to Add to the Heart 'n Flower Bouquet Card
  2. Make the Flowers. Punch four hearts for each of the three flowers out of your colored paper. Use however many different colors as you want. I made each of my three flowers out of the same color. However, for one I used three different shades, for the second I used two different shades, and for the third I made it all out of one shade. Just choose your colors and whether or not to do different shades based on what you like and what you have on hand. It looks good either way.Punched Out Hearts Ready for making the Hearts & Flowers Mother's Day Card
  3. Now you will need to arrange the petals (hearts) into flowers. The easiest way I found was to first put a small piece of tape on the back of one of the petals. Flip it over and then add one petal at a time and overlap the one before it, pressing it against the tape so it sticks. Once you get to the last one you want to position it so it is overlapping the one before it but is also under the first one so that the first overlaps it. Make sure that you firmly press the petals to the tape so they stay put. Now set the flower aside (make sure it’s upside down since the tape will still be on it). Do this for each set of four petals so that you end up with three flowers.Flower Construction Collage-1Flowers for the Heart 'n Flower Bouquet Card
  4. Cut your stems. Take your green piece of paper (it will make it easier if it’s almost as big as the front of your card) and lay it on the front of your card with the flowers arranged where you want them (make sure the side with the tape is facing up so they don’t stick to the card) as I did below. Now trace approximately where you want the stems (make sure you make the tracings wider than you want your stems to be so that when you cut you don’t end up with pencil marks). Cut your stems out. I did end up having to erase some of my marks because otherwise they would have shown when I cut out the stems. As long as you have a good eraser though, it’s not a big deal.Making the Stems for the Heart 'n Flower Bouquet Card
  5. Assemble the Card. Using tape/glue attach the stems to your card. Attach your flowers to the stems on the card (your assembled flowers should already have tape on the back that’s holding them together so just use this to adhere them to the card). Using tape/glue attach the tag to your card.Fully Assembled Heart 'n Flower Bouquet Card
  6. Make a small flower to embellish the envelope. Cut a 1″ green stem. Cut out another four hearts and form a flower just like you did in step 3. Tape/glue the stem to the lower left hand corner of the envelope and then attach the flower.Embelished Envelope for the Heart 'n Flower Bouquet Card
  7. You’re done! Now add a sweet note saying how amazing your mom is (because if she’s anything like my mom, she’s amazing), because a pretty card means nothing without a sweet message!

Hopefully this is helpful. Feel free to ask me a question below if I wasn’t clear on anything.

Happy crafting!

~The Nibbler and Needle-Wielder and Paper Cutter (since this project didn’t involve any needles or nibbles)


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