Stitchin’ British: Cross Stitch Coasters

IMG_2496-Blog Post Main Photo-1Though I may have neglected this blog, I have not neglected crafting and one of the things I was able to make for Christmas last month were cross stitch coasters.

Pinterest can be very dangerous (time-waster!) but it can also yield some neat things such as a cross stitch pattern for a British Alphabet that my sister found. The alphabet uses a variety of different designs for the letters. The designs are the perfect size for coasters so I used them to make coasters for my aunts and grandma.

IMG_2258-Close Up-1

The patterns (A-H, I-Q, R-Z) that we found were actually scans from a cross stitch magazine and only an image was available from the Pinterest link. This made it a little bit difficult to distinguish the difference between some of the cross stitch colors so I ended up just choosing what I thought looked best in some areas.

IMG_2265-Close Up-1

I purchased individual coasters from JoAnns which include a small square of cross stitch fabric. I copied the design onto some cross stitch graph paper using colored pencils and found this much easier to follow than the original pattern.
IMG_2485-Close Up-1

All-in-all they were super easy to make and are great gifts.