Staying Sharp: Sewing Pencil Pouches

Pencil Pouches Collage 2

My summer started out like any other, with lots of great plans for finishing projects and starting and finishing new ones. But then, reality set in. So here I am almost ready to start school again, and only one finished project to show for it. But don’t worry, I’ve got one other project close to being done, so hopefully, you’ll see some more completed projects before the summer is out.

This project, sewing seven pencil pouches, was begun after seeing these adorable pouches on Pinterest along with the well-written tutorial from Qwenny Penny. I wasn’t looking to sew some pencil pouches, but they were irresistible.

I originally planned on making one for me and several for Christmas gifts for last year. Needless to say, I didn’t get them done in time for Christmas. So, now that they’re done, I’m saving them for THIS Christmas.

Here’s a timeline of the process it took for me to get these pouches completed along with some notes on how I did it.

Collage  1.jpg

November 28, 2015: Fabric is purchased! I bought all my fabric in the form of fat quarters when they were on sale at JoAnns. I purchased each of the solid colors needed, as well as two different patterned grays to use for the lining. I also bought my zippers at JoAnns; I used Coats & Clarks All Purpose 9″ Zipper in color Nugrey. I only paid $0.75 for each fat quarter plus tax, plus I was able to get the zippers at least 40% off using a coupon. I determined that it costs $2.50 for the materials for one zipper case (taking into account you only need a fraction of a fat quarter for the fabric for each case). Not bad for a little project!

March 13, 2016: I finally got everything together, washed my fabric, cut it, and started sewing. I originally just sewed one case to make sure I liked it and work out any kinks I might run into.

Pouch #1 Version 2 Edited

March 14, 2016: I didn’t have any problems and didn’t do anything different from what the tutorial said too. Pencil pouch #1 was a success! I then started cutting out fabric to make six more and began assembling them assembly-line style.


July 9, 2016: The big batch of six pouches is finished!

Though it took ME forever to finish all seven that I made, the pouches don’t take long to sew and were super easy to make using the tutorial from Qwenny Penny. So now it’s your turn, keep your pencils sharpened and make yourself a sharp-lookin’ pouch to hold them in. Let me know how yours turns out!


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